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Getting Out Of The House

Although this isn't writing news, I'd like to comment on the convention posting thing. I don't go to conventions. I've been to one, the Atlanta Fantasy Fair about ten years ago (had a good time: I bought a load of comics and gave blood), but I haven't been to any since then. I haven't had the money or time, usually, and I'm not real good at the whole "mingling" kind of thing, as in deliberately introducing myself to someone, even if I want to meet them (gee, how writerly of me). But I would like to say that I am considering going to a con this year, if it's within driving distance and it has people I'd like to meet there and I can afford it and no new employment prospect lurches its ugly head my way. At the moment the only con that qualifies is RiverCon in Louisville, which I note features some NAWers, as well as some other authors whose work I admire. The major potential sticking point is the last (new employment prospects). I'll let you know.