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Wildside Contest Results

No writing news (what can I say? things are slow), but very late this evening I received an email from John Betancourt of Wildside Press. I was a participant in the Wildside Press & MysteryMovies auction software beta-test program, as announced last month in the SFF Net newsgroups. If you didn't see the post, what John wanted was people to register with the system, think up creative and bizarre items to offer up for sale, and bid on other people's items (I can say as an occasional designer myself, it's much better to get ordinary, unsuspecting people to test such things, simply because they're likely to try weird stuff that might break the system). To encourage participation, prizes were offered for the most creative/popular items. I've just been informed that one of my offerings, the Mir Space Station, was a runner-up in the non-AV category, which means I get $35 worth of Wildside Press books. Yee-hah! I make the happy dance around my computer again. The cats do not notice, as they are busy eating dinner. I am extremely pleased about this, as I offered up many strange items in an attempt to win free merchandise and put off writing for a little while. While I had hoped to win first prize, I would be the first to agree that the overall winner, Geoffrey the Three-Eyed Wunderkitten, was truly outstanding. I do find it somewhat ironic that of all the bizarro items I came up with, the item that won it for me is a real thing. Go figure.