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Great Big Stinkin' Pile Of Mail

Well, since I've finally been able to pick up my mail I now have a very large pile of returns. Since I'm not sure when they came back, I'll just quote who I heard from and how they sounded:

  • Form slip rejections from The Urbanite and Pirate Writings, saying nothing except 'NO'.

  • Personalized letter rejects from Star*Line, Dreams of Decadence, and Dark Regions, all saying they liked my stuff, but not enough to buy it.

  • Mail returned from Science Fiction Age. Some strange expired forwarding address label slapped on it. Hmm.

  • Letter from Writer's Block Magazine, stating that their Fall/Winter 98 issue (which will contain a short-short story by me, titled "The Wish") has been changed into their Spring/Summer 99 issue. Be out March 30. This is fine with me, as I thought they'd gone under. Better late than never.

  • Email from Storisende, saying they aren't buying sword & sorcery stories right now, only hard SF.

  • Email from Kurt Roth's Age of Reason anthology, saying he enjoyed my story. It's now sitting on his hold pile for a couple more weeks while he considers it further.
Sheesh. Let the mail build for a couple weeks and look what happens. Other mail included bills, magazines, junk flyers, and no less than five entries into the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Apparently no one has a better chance at winning than my wife. Make of that what you will.