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December 31, 1998

Thank God That Year's Over

Just got back from a long trip down south to see the parents and inlaws. Don't have any responses to report, since my mail's stopped and I won't be able to pick it up until Saturday. No email responses, although I did see in newgroup rumor sources that a market I sent a piece to has died without even getting off the ground. Posted a notice about it on their web site which I'd describe as mildly insulting. And the Titanic was kind of sad, too. Oh well. Happy friggin' New Year, everyone.

December 15, 1998

CNN Piece

An interesting item I saw on the CNN web page, called Imagining the Future. Short, but interesting.

December 14, 1998

Dragon Magazine Rejection, Withdrawals

A 28 day form reject from Dragon Magazine, this one signed by the editorial assistant.

Also, in the interests of cleaning things up, today I mailed letters of withdrawal to two markets (Grue and New Humor Magazine). Both have been holding a story of mine for over a year, which to my mind is way too long. While it's possible they might have folded, I figured it'd be safer sending them letters just in case. That leaves me with just one story that's been out since last year, but since the magazine is still currently publishing, I've decided to give the editor until January 1st to finally decide. After that it's bye-bye. Not that I expect this to seriously impact them, but hey, you never know... :)

December 12, 1998

No from Fantasy Macabre

A 25 day form rejection from Fantasy Macabre.

December 10, 1998

Birthday Rejections

Today is my birthday! For the curious, I'm 10,592 days old (that's 203 in dog years). And in the mail I received a card from my folks, a 20 day form rejection from Space and Time, and a 10 day personalized rejection from the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Argh.

December 09, 1998

Talebones And Scavenger Rejections

A 16 day form rejection from Janet Fox at Scavenger's Newsletter. Form marked "reading selectively due to backlog." Hm. Also, a 9 day email rejection from Talebones. Poem "not quite a match, but send us your next." See previous hm, make it sound more thoughtful.

December 07, 1998

Thanks, It's Great To Be Here

Today I discovered that my journal page is now being linked to by some of the other members of the Not-A-Webring-Dammit Writing Journals Gang. Furthermore, I've also been welcomed into the fold by Vera Nazarian. I'm touched. I'd like to thank you all very much, and I assume I'll be sent the quicktime movie demonstrating the secret handshake soon.

In other nonpublishing but still writing news, I received my copy of Ken Rand's The 10% Solution: Self-editing for the Modern Writer, from Fairwood Press. Looks interesting, and can't wait to try it out.

December 05, 1998

Rejection From Science Fiction Age

A 23 day form reject from Edelman at Science Fiction Age. My only comfort here is that it lasted longer than the average return, according to Submitting to the Black Hole. I have no idea if that means they were actually considering it for an all-too brief shining millisecond, or if the Thanksgiving holiday got their first reader backed up. Best not to know, I think.

December 04, 1998

Rejection From Realms of Fantasy

A 22 day rejection from Shawna McCarthy at Realms of Fantasy. Again the yellow form. Have I passed some sort of barrier with them? Encouragement where I can find it...