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September 28, 1998

Rejection From Zoetrope

Another rejection forwarded from Indiana (submitted in early April). This one is curiously printed on heavy cardstock. Looks kind of arty, too. How intriguing.

September 24, 1998

Rejection From Cemetery Dance

A rejection from many moons ago (submitted in mid-February). Chizmar must be cleaning house.

September 09, 1998

Clean Pages

Now I'm cleaning up. I can see a full-scale revision in my future, however....

September 06, 1998

Mysterious Note From Adventures

Today I receive a mysterious form from Mr. Dannenfelser, saying I should have heard from him by now on the stories I've sent. My records, however, indicate that I don't have anything out to him at the moment! I am sent into a maze of confusion until I realize he's responding to a letter of inquiry I sent him months ago on a story he also responded to months ago! Are you confused yet? I am... Very polite of him, however.

September 05, 1998

Set Up New Web Site

Today I received email from the Cedar Falls Utilities Department that they're going to be allowing web pages to be run off their server. I think this is a fine and wonderous idea, as IU generally pulls the plug on computer accounts around three months (more or less) after folks depart. I immediately do a mass-dump of my pages off my IU account. I'll clean them up later.