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July 23, 1998

Westward Ho!

Today, after a day of loading a moving van in annoyingly high temperatures and humidity, we set off on the great move West. I am alone in the moving van, Lisa drives our car with the companionship of my dad (thanks for coming, Dad!) and our three cats. The drive takes them about eight hours. Me? About ten, since the truck threatens to drop the engine out if I try and take it over 65mph.

July 16, 1998

Last Day At Work

Again, not writing news, but today is my last day at work before the big move to Iowa. I'm looking forward to moving (one week to go!), not because I'm anxious to get out of Indiana, but because I can't stand this unsettled-everything-packed state I'm entering. I'd just like to get it over with. I'm definitely a volunteer first kind of guy on things most folks don't like doing and usually can't get out of, like school presentations, and that sort of thing.

July 06, 1998

Rejection From Realms of Fantasy

A 37 day rejection from Realms of Fantasy...but for the first time ever, I received the yellow form. Unlike the blue form, this one says (more or less) "hey, you ain't bad, kid. Send us something else." Ooh, what a thrill!

July 03, 1998

Nope From Asimov's

A 68 day "Dear Contributor," from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. I'm having some doubts about this story, simply because I use a lot of obscure shakespeare quotes for one character's dialogue, and I don't think most people recognize them. They just think I'm overwriting it. So, what to do? Direct attribution in the dialogue, less obscure quotes, a more highbrow magazine to send it to, or I'm just kidding myself and it keeps getting shot down because it stinks. Ah, the glory of a depersonalized rejection letter. So insubstantial, so non-specific. The only thing you know for sure is they didn't buy it.