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June 29, 1998

Twin Killing

Not one, but two rejections today! A 56 day from Realms of Fantasy (the less encouraging blue form) and a 28 day from Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, saying she didn't think it was funny (it was supposed to be).

June 22, 1998

Where's My Head?

Apologies for not keeping up with this, but Lisa and I just got back from Iowa, where we were scouting for a house. I'm pleased to report that we found a place we think we'll like (a two-story, three bedroom place built back in the 20's). Nice location, good rent, etc. In other news, I've been offered a job of sorts: teaching a couple school library media classes (reference and automation/networking). Finally, our tenative move date will be July 23 (more or less). As a result, I'm not sending out any more submissions until the move is complete. And hopefully, all my previous submissions will return to the roost before the move (or follow us across the Midwest).

June 14, 1998

Beat The Odds

According to statistics from the National Writers Club (and reported in The Book of Odds, 1991) the odds of getting a book published with an agent are about 1 in 10,000. Depressing odds, to say the least. No word on publishing short stories, however.

June 12, 1998

Qualified Rejection From Pulp Eternity

A 17 day rejection from Pulp Eternity...with an invitation to revise and resubmit it. Half of me is excited ("hey, I could still get a sale if he likes the revised version!") and half of me is offended ("whaddya mean, revise? it's brilliant, just as it is!") at the prospect. Sigh. It's hard for me to be objective about this. He's probably right...but it's still hard.

June 11, 1998

Weird Tales Says 'Alas'

A 60 day rejection from Weird Tales. While Weird Tales's rejections are usually friendly and reasonably explicit in terms of what they did/didn't like about it, they always-without-fail-haven't-seen-one-yet-that-didn't use some variation of the phrase "Alas, not for us." Has anyone anywhere gotten a rejection from them that doesn't use that phrase? What do their acceptances say? I'd be curious to find out. If anyone knows and would care to share, email me. In more encouraging news, today is my wife Lisa's birthday. Congrats, sweetie!

June 09, 1998

Back Home In Indiana

After a five day vacation back to Georgia to see the parental units, I return to find...no rejections! Also no acceptances, but hey, I'm trying to be positive here. Although there was some pleasant news on the email front: I've been informed that I've won a free book from Healing Power of Obnoxiousness: John Shirley's new short story collection, Black Butterflies. Free reading matter. Sigh of contentment...