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May 31, 1998

Change Of Latitude

Again, not writing news, but it is certainly relevant to me and this web journal. My brilliant wife Lisa has been offered (and accepted) an Assistant Professor position at the University of Northern Iowa. She'll start teaching there this fall...which means that sometime this summer I'll be moving to Iowa, which means that eventually this web page will disappear off the web altogether (hopefully not) or at least move (more likely) maybe to UNI's web space, maybe to a commercial ISP (I hear SFF Net is nice). Just have to wait and see. Either way I'll put up a pointer.

May 28, 1998

AoS&S Rejection

A friendly 277 day rejection from Adventures of Sword and Sorcery magazine, saying the story was certainly decent, but not what he was looking for.

May 26, 1998

Rejection From Dragon Magazine

A 22 day rejection from Dragon Magazine. I'm finding it interesting how if I whine in my journal here that I'm not hearing anything from editors, the very next day I get back a rejection. Perhaps I should keep quiet from now on...

May 25, 1998

Fermi's Paradox, Modified And Demonstrated

All right, it's been 16 days since I've heard from any editors. Theoretically, I know they're out there. I've sent them manuscripts. I included a SASE. So where are they?

May 18, 1998

Return Of Riddell

Not really writing news per se, but this afternoon I got an email inviting me to subscribe to the listserv for The Healing Power of Obnoxiousness: The Paul T. Riddell Essay Archive. Last year's announcement of Paul's decision to retire from SF had bummed me out; I think he's a hoot. And fortunately for all, he's back. Moved home to Texas, got himself a new website, and is stirring up trouble again, praise Allah. If you haven't read any of his stuff before, check it out.

May 09, 1998

Rejection From Sword & Sorceress

An 8 day rejection from MZB's Sword & Sorceress 16 anthology, saying it doesn't have the 'feel' she's looking for. In a way I find this type of rejection particularly frustrating because it makes no comment on the quality of the story itself, only that it isn't right for the market. Curses...

May 07, 1998

Rejection From Pulp Eternity

A 37 day rejection from Pulp Eternity.

May 04, 1998

All Out

Why is thirteen a baker's dozen? Can bakers not count? Or are they a generous lot, throwing in extras so folks can have a taste without causing trouble ("hey, my cruller's had a bite taken out of it!")? Whatever the reason, that's what I've got out: a baker's dozen of stories, sitting in magazines or en route there, waiting to be judged by editorial types. The most I've ever had out at one time. Maybe I'll sell one or two...