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April 30, 1998

Bad News From Troll

Got an email late this afternoon from James Lowder, the editor at Troll magazine. Seems that the publisher has decided to discontinue publishing, damn it all. Oh well. Mr. Lowder was very nice enough to email me a few days in front of the public announcement, which (I think) is a very classy thing to do. I found him a pleasure to work with, and I hope he'll find another magazine to edit soon. Editors who like my work enough to buy it are sadly rare, and I think they should all keep editing.. :)

April 29, 1998

Second Rejection From The SFF Net Anthology

Another rejection from the SFF Net Anthology. Mr. Dwight informs me that it is filled up. I was too slow, I guess. C'est la vie.

April 28, 1998

Rejections From SFF Net Anthology, Pulp Eternity

Perhaps a new landspeed record in rejection. Submitted a story this morning and about an hour later I received a very nice rejection letter from Mr. Dwight saying that they had all the reprints they can use. Oh, well. At least I didn't have to wait to hear about it. I also received a very nice 10 day email rejection from Pulp Eternity.

April 25, 1998

Rejection From Altair

A 19 day rejection from Altair.

April 23, 1998

Still Waiting...

The one thing I hate about submitting stories is waiting to hear back from the editors. After I've waited long enough, I don't care anymore if they want it or not, I just want to know. I've got some stuff that's been out since last August. Sigh...

April 12, 1998

Easter Inspiration?

As I went to bed last night I had an interesting idea for a short story (No, I won't tell you what it was). This morning as I drove Lisa to the airport (she's headed to a conference in San Diego) I continued to play with the idea and laid it all out in my head. By the time I made it back and into work (yes, I work on Sundays. Shocking, isn't it?), I had plotted it all out, so I sat down and wrote it out (university libraries are really slow when the weather is nice). Took a couple hours, and it produced a story about 1500 words long, titled "Casting Call". Needs some polish, probably, and I have a tendency to leave out details rather than put too many in, but all in all, extremely satisfying. I love it when that happens.

Later: Polished the story a bit, added and rewrote slightly a couple parts, bringing it up to 1700 words. Will mail it off in the morning. From mind to mac to mail in 48 hours, more or less. Oliver Herford was right.

April 07, 1998

Clean Slate

Got all my stuff mailed back out, so I started a new story last night. Wrote about 800 words in an hour and a half, which isn't bad for me. I've got a couple stories that I need to revise seriously, but I have trouble doing that sort of thing. Maybe in a couple months...

April 04, 1998

Email From Troll

Got an email from Troll magazine regarding my forthcoming story. The editor felt that the original title gave away the ending, so he requested a change. After some discussion, the new title will be "Price of the Sword," and should appear in the June issue.

April 02, 1998

F&SF Rejection, email from Eternity

A 9 day rejection from the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I'll say this for Gordon van Gelder, his responses are fast and extremely polite.

I also got an email from Pulp Eternity, which tells me that I can keep track of my submission there is doing through their online tracker. A very nice feature.

April 01, 1998

Cats Crack The Whip

Woken up at 5 a.m. by the cats, who claim they're sick and tired with seeing me "messing around" with short stories. Apparentally it doesn't bring home enough kibble. They chained me to my computer and demanded that I get started on the Great American novel or I'm in "big trouble." I stalled them by working on a title list. By 7:30 a.m. they fell asleep (typical). I escaped and managed to make it to work. Not looking forward to going home tonight...